Dr. Nancy Stead

Who is Dr. Stead?

Nancy Stead Atwood, M.D., graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry in 1966 and received her Doctor of Medicine degree in 1970 from Duke University. Now fully retired, she takes pride in staying active in healthcare.

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What is Needed?

Educated healthcare consumers that acquire the knowledge necessary to be effective advocates for themselves. Equal accountability for healthcare providers to be held to the same standard and accountable for unethical behavior.

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The Risk of No Change?

Healthcare costs will rise with little / no patient rights with regards to payment for services rendered. Unethical physicians will abuse the system to get away with acts like plagiarism, fraud & cloning records that continue to create patient danger.

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Purpose Statement

Upon moving from provider to patient, and with the dawn of healthcare reform with the Obama Administration’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, retired physician Dr. Nancy Stead has become a patient advocate and ethics watchdog in the profession of health care.

“It is my hope that this blog serves to educate the healthcare consumer of their rights and the limitation of rights in the current system, but more importantly become aware of the pitfalls and dangers of this current system and enact change. It will take community awareness and public demand to see measures enacted to protect the healthcare consumer and provide them a voice when proper protocol is not followed.”

What You Can Do

Contact your state and federal legislators and ask for reform efforts to be made that protects your right as a patient and holds physicians accountable.

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