What we need is:

  • A level of consumer cautiousness to realize that a medical degree does not confer honesty.
  • Educated healthcare consumers that acquire the knowledge necessary to be effective advocates for themselves.
  • A healthcare model that empowers the individual patient to hold the healthcare system (i.e. physicians, mid-level provides, rehabilitation practitioners, hospitals and surgery centers) directly accountable for the accuracy of his medical record without having to rely on third party payers and government regulators to determine services rendered and payment there after.
  • Equal accountability for healthcare providers to be held to the same standard and accountable for unethical behavior.
  • Transparency of physician peer review of physician conduct.
  • Consent forms that are easy to understand, clearly outlining rights patients are waiving, the risks of procedures, and payment collection.

Without change healthcare costs will continue to rise with little or no rights to the patient with regards to payment for services rendered. Unethical physicians will continue use the system to get away with such acts as plagiarism, fraud and cloning records and continue to place patients in danger.

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